Alltech Solar - dedicated to providing top quality residential and commercial solar installations in Southern California

Clean and unpolluted
Solar energy is a source of power that is non-polluting and renewable. Solar panels have the ability of creating power without relying on fossil fuels.
Saving money while saving the planet
Solar power is good for the environment because it is non-polluting and uses a renewable energy source. Those who's homes are powered by the sun are free from electric bills and are living a more sustainable life style.
Lasting and long-term
Although it can be expensive, in most cases solar will actually pay for itself within the first few years through energy cost savings and tax incentives.

About us

Alltech Solar is committed to providing Southern California with top quality residential and commercial solar installations.

Talk to one of our solar consultants and learn more about the perks of going green with Alltech Solar.

  • Twenty-two years of experience, paired with old-fashioned customer service
  • The best warranties in the industry
  • Highest quality installation materials
  • Eliminating your electric bill
  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority

With all these great benefits choosing Alltech Solar couldn’t be easier. So what’re you waiting for? Call us (858) 455-9292 or sign up for a free quote today and get a quick start on cleaner energy and better savings in no time.

Why Choose Alltech Solar?

As a General and Electrical Contractor we have been building green since 1995. When receiving a workmanship warranty from Alltech; we provide the customer a proven twenty-two year track record of being a leading renewable energy contractor being able to uphold our warranty.

We pride ourselves on putting our customer’s needs first and treating you with the old-fashioned customer service you deserve. At Alltech we know we aren’t the largest company but that allows us to deliver on our promises and individually address every one of our customers.

We offer a 25 year workmanship warranty that is best in our industry. Most solar panel manufacturers these days provide a 25 year warranty. We want our customers to feel comfortable and secure that Alltech Solar will be by their side throughout the lifetime of their solar system.

We pride ourselves in offering the best quality materials in the industry to ensure your system is built to last. One of the most important parts of any solar PV system is the wiring which is why we choose to secure those wires on the roof racking with vinyl wrapped stainless steal zip ties and metal one hole straps; as opposed to our competitors that use standard plastic zip ties that deteriorate and allow for wires to touch your roof surface. Practices like these ensure the safety and quality that you paid for.

We’ll provide you with the complete engineering, site design, and technical planning necessary to deliver your greatest return on investment. We understand that solar is a large financial investment which is why we do what we can to get the greatest return possible. Our goal with every system we provide is a 5 year or less return on that investment.


Testimonial 4
P L.
Escondido, CA

After careful thought and comparison with other contractors we decided to have Alltech install our solar panels and accomplish some other electrical work around the house: – Fan installation from a cathedral ceiling – Replacing 6″ can lights with 4″ lights in our kitchen dining room – Replacing PVC electrical conduit with metal conduit in…

Testimonial 3
Tamara A.
San Diego, CA

Fred and Chase are absolutely the best.  Not only are they competent savvy and responsive – they are really wonderful human beings.  Our solar contractor (not Alltech) bailed on us, and we had issues with our system.  Literally months of hassles… then Fred and Chase came in and did what they said they would do,…

Testimonial 2
Matthew A.
San Diego, CA

Alltech is the best.  They are in solar for all the right reasons – committed to customer service, the environment and impeccability.  They are responsive and do top notch work.

Testimonial 1
Jim C.
San Marcos, CA

Alltech Solar was highly recommend from a friend that also used them for a solar PV system.  I met with six solar companies, and I felt Alltech Solar San Diego was the best choice for us.  Their price for the solar panels, converter and upgraded service panel was very competitive. I also appreciated Chase’s no…