12.95kW PV
Alpine, CA

This customer knew the benefits that solar offered and had electrical usage that warranted a large solar PV system. For such a large system they didn’t necessarily want to come out of pocket for the cost. Luckily we were able to provide $0 down financing for their solar project. They were able to choose the terms of their loan 5-25 years and locked in a fixed monthly expense to own their system. Why keep paying your utility company when you can finance your purchase likely for monthly payments less than your previous electric bills.

Installation Details:

  • 37 Hyundi Heavy Industries 350 watt modules.
  • 2 SolarEdge 7.6kW inverters.
  • 37 P400 SolarEdge DC power optimizers.
  • Dedicated solar combiner.
  • Renewable Meter Adapter (RMA) installed by SDGE for greater solar allowance.
  • We were attacked by bee and wasp hives on the roof!