13.44kW PV Ground Mounted

This customer was a solar early adopter with an existing roof mounted system that wasn’t producing enough using older technology. With such a large property with plenty of usable space they decided for a ground mounted system rather than replace the existing one on the roof. Solar PV systems nowadays are constructed to last for 25 or more years. Older systems can often times be replaced, upgraded, or added onto to meet your current energy needs.

Installation Details:

    • 48 Axitec 280 watt modules.
    • SolarEdge 11.4kW inverter with P300 DC optimizers.
    • Ground Mounted using IronRidge XR 1000 ground mount racking.
    • 200′ underground conduit run.
    • Also added new sub panel for future spa.
    • Installation portion of project completed in 4 days.